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Limited Edition Canvas Reproductions

Sometimes the greatest innovations to the creative process are happy accidents.  Our very first reproduction on canvas was inadvertently produced from an inadequate digital image.  Knowing that it was not suitable for exhibition or sale, we tried to salvage the piece for our own use.  The result was a welcome surprise.  By touching up the printed canvas with the actual ink used in the original, a completely unique reproduction was created, rivaling the original in luminosity and depth.  These embellished giclees are currently offered on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas.  Each canvas is totally overpainted with the same media used in the original...shadows, accents and background changes occur organically to produce each individual artwork.  They are available in the following standard sizes.  Email us for information on custom sizes up to 24" x 36".  Each embellished print carries the signature of the artist from the overpainting process and includes a certificate of authenticity for the print number.

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